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   Barna Construction Inc. has spent almost forty years building award-winning projects and a reputation as the go-to provider of construction services, large and small. Our goal in each project is to give the client the very best quality and features that can be built within the stated budget. We have been recognized by our customers with their loyalty and by industry leaders by awards. We may be the only firm in the region to have won the Outstanding Design and Construction award for the Parade of Homes, the Golden Hammer Award for remodeling excellence and an Honor Award granted by the North Carolina Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. In these tougher times, focus has shifted to more efficient strategies for maintenance and repairs and better decision-making in regards to the questions of Sell/Repair/Remodel. Sometimes you just don’t know enough to make the right choices. I am offering a few new services that may interest you:

             1 Consulting Service—if you have a concern about your property, about an upcoming remodeling project, or if you are contemplating a repair project and are unsure how to proceed, I can map out the process and outline the steps necessary to arrive at your goal, whether we do the work or not. The hourly rate for this service is $100.00 per hour, no minimum. This exercise can save considerable time and money. Remember: proper pre-planning is the most powerful tool to save money in a construction or repair project.

             2 Handyman Service---small jobs are the toughest to get done because to do them well, and do them quickly, often requires a little experience or a specialized tool. We have found that if a “honey do” list can be properly organized, the work performed by experienced professionals can be both satisfying and economical. Minor repairs, window or door replacement, deck repairs or replacement, door locks, other hardware, storm doors---you name it, if it’s carpentry, we can do it. All work is done on an hourly basis, $35/hr./man, including regular tools and equipment. We will look at the situation, assess the scope of the repair and give a rough estimate at no charge. And, as always, we are available for full service construction jobs: room additions, bathroom re-fits, kitchen remodels, and garages. We’ve even done remodeling at the coast and at the lake. Call the office number during regular work hours---leave a name and number and I promise I’ll call back. I spend most of my time out of the office, but I check for messages daily. Or, you may find it more convenient to leave a message via email, contact me at

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